MK to Respond Alleged Leak of Decision on Election System

MK to Respond Alleged Leak of Decision on Election System

Constitutional Court (MK) spokesperson Fajar Laksono speaks to reporters at the Constitutional Court complex in Jakarta on May 29, 202--antara

BENGKULUEKSPRESS.COM -  The Constitutional Court (MK) will consider appropriate measures to respond to the alleged leak of a court decision on the ongoing judicial review of the election system, according to its spokesperson, Fajar Laksono.

“Yes, we have read and studied the ongoing development. It is not impossible that measures will be taken, but we will first discuss internally what measures will be the most appropriate for MK,” he said in Jakarta on Monday.

He did not disclose whether the court would summon former deputy law and human rights minister Denny Indrayana, who claimed to have received a tip on the court’s decision on the judicial review, and inquire about this.

“We have no idea about that either. We are still discussing internally the most appropriate measures,” the spokesperson said.

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The court has not reached any decision in the case as the meeting of justices to discuss this will take place only on Wednesday (May 31, 2023), per the decision taken during their previous meeting on May 23, Laksono added.

Hence, it is impossible that a leak has occurred since there has been no decision yet, he said.

“It means that no deliberations have taken place yet because each judge’s decision will be discussed at the meeting," he said.

He added that after being discussed, the final decision and the decision draft will be made and once it is ready, the court will schedule the session to announce the decision.

Earlier, Indrayana claimed that MK would rule in favor of a judicial review of the open-list proportional representation system filed last November, which would result in the return of the closed-list system.

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"This morning, I received some important information. MK will decide the legislative election to return to the closed-list system, (so) we will again select the party logos (on ballot papers)," Indrayana informed on his Twitter account @dennyindrayana on Sunday (May 28).

In his tweet, the former deputy minister said that he received the information from "a person with trusted credibility" but clarified that the person was not among the nine MK judges.(**)

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